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Families, Friends, Singles, Couples, every day we have awesome people looking for a new home, let us find your next tenants.  With local insight and data-driven findings, we know what renters are looking for.

As all properties are unique, no matter the size of your portfolio we provide all landlords with a bespoke service.

We’ll work with you to understand exactly what’s most important to you as you make your next move.

For further details, get in touch with us, or pop into our office for an Eden coffee and a chat. (p.s come late enough on Friday and you may get a glass of wine)

Eden Management Service

  • Secure new tenants quickly

  • Handle issues which arise during tenancy

  • Process tenant admin

Finding tenants doesn’t have to be stressful, you just need to have the right team behind you.

From screening tenants, to collecting references and handling deposits through verified protection schemes, Eden will do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Reasons to use Eden when letting your property.

Excellent Communication


Treat tenants with respect

Efficient management*

Utility management during void periods*

Rental guarantee insurance*

Professional photography*

Floor plans*

*all services of fully managed agreement


Tenant Find & Rent Collection Landlord Service

The Tenant Find & Rent Collection service suits a landlord who has the time and energy to deal with tenants and their requests but would like support with some of the financial and administrative duties.

 How it works

We charge a set up for finding the tenant, assisting you with property preparations, interviewing tenants, references, drawing up the necessary agreements and preparing the inventory.

Since the landlord is responsible for the upkeep of the property, the monthly commission is lower than Fully Managed Service. Eden take responsibility for rent collection and payment to the landlord by BACS.

Fully Managed Landlord Service

In addition to our Tenant Find & Rent Collection introduction service, we offer a comprehensive property management service to landlords who would rather not have the stress and inconvenience often created by the day to day management of an on-going tenancy.

The prompt and efficient management of a tenancy is key to keeping a good working relationship between tenants and landlords and for avoiding tenancy disputes or unhappy tenants. 

 How it works

You have everything included in this service as you do within our tenant find and rent collection service but you will have our dedicated and experienced management department who will be responsible for maintaining on-going relationships with tenants, ensuring that rent is paid on time, the property is being well kept through regular inspections and that the general terms of the tenancy are being upheld.

In addition to these basic requirements, our property management department is responsible for dealing with any maintenance issues that arise and ensuring the relevant legal requirements and safety procedures have been met at the outset of the tenancy.

Get in touch

You are always welcome at our branch where are property experts will be happy to help you with any property enquires