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Selling your home can feel like a mammoth task, with so much to do and organise even before you put your house on the market. We’ve put together a helpful list of 8 things to do before selling your home, to help make the process that bit easier.

Wrap up any unfinished DIY projects 

Hang that new door that’s been sitting around for a while, finish up the upcycling projects and fix the shelf that’s in need of some TLC. Making sure there are no half-finished jobs will not only make your house more appealing visually, but will also stop potential buyers from feeling like the house needs work doing to it. When we live in our homes, we can become desensitised to little jobs like this, but potential buyers will be looking through fresh eyes!

Do the deep clean 

Cleaning is not necessarily at the top of most people's lists but it’s surprising how much grime you will find from doing a deep clean. Freshen up your home by wiping down cupboard tops and fronts, cleaning behind storage cabinets and wiping down skirting boards. Hire a carpet cleaner to shampoo your carpets and scrub hard flooring. This will leave your house looking and smelling fresh and help with a positive first impression. 

Depersonalise your home 

When people come to look around your home, they may find it hard to picture themselves living in the space. Removing lots of pictures, and niche items can help to neutralise the space and allow potential buyers to imagine their lives living in your home. This doesn’t mean you have to remove absolutely everything, but it’s a really good time to start sorting through your own belongings.

Consider redecorating

This is going to be for those who have very specific tastes that might not be for everyone. Consider swapping dark walls for light neutral colours, keeping furniture to a minimum and accessorising with soft neutral furnishings. Small changes can often make the biggest difference so no need to break the bank to restyle your home. 

Define each room 

When spaces are multipurpose it can be confusing and messy. With each room should come the main use, a kitchen-diner for entertaining, a living space for relaxing, an office for working and storage. Making the rooms clearly defined can help potential buyers visualise it as their space. 

Check your curb appeal 

Making the front of your property appealing to people will definitely help to make a great first impression. If you can make the space look neat and tidy, plant coloured flowers, and fix any sign of damage on the outside of the building this will draw in your guests before they have even set foot inside. 

Focus on flow 

Although this is not a physical thing to amend, making sure that your rooms flow together well will be key to making a positive impression on your buyers. If possible, move furniture so that there are large walkways, instead of having to squeeze past. Making a clear pathway from room to room helps to make a space feel calm and connected. These are all positives when looking at a house. 


This goes well with cleaning but also having a clear-out can really help to remove any random piles of stuff you have laying around. Not only will it make spaces feel tidier and look bigger it can also make your moving process easier too! No having to sort things out in your new home either. Consider donating items to charity or selling anything on second-hand websites like ‘Depop’ and ‘Facebook Marketplace.’

There we have it, 8 top tips to kickstart your property listing that could really see your home sold fast. If you would like to get in touch for any help with your property, get in touch here.