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England has now entered its second national lockdown, with the government encouraging people to remain indoors where possible.

However, the housing market remains open, and prospective buyers are still eager to find and settle into their dream home before the Christmas and New Year period.

Since the height of the first lockdown, buyers have been prioritising properties with plenty of outdoor space and sizeable gardens, and this is set to continue for the foreseeable.

As a seller, it’s important to focus on your garden as it can bolster your sales pitch and subsequently attract a wider pool of prospective buyers.

With this in mind, we outline some top tips to spruce up your outdoor space and give your garden a winter makeover in preparation for viewings.

Start with the basics

Although it won’t necessarily add anything new to your garden, giving it a thorough tidy could give you a clean slate to work from.

It can be easy to put off the nitty-gritty gardening chores, but de-weeding the patio, fixing a wonky fence panel or simply mowing lawn will turn a shabby garden into a purposefully rustic outdoor area.

To give your garden a new lease of life, keep the grass short. If you have a patio or decking, consider using a pressure washer to spray away any dirt and slime.

Arrange and divide your plants

Despite the low temperature, it’s still worth thinking about how you can care for the flowers and plants in your garden. Dividing your plants will add more colour to the space whilst also making your original plants healthier by making sure they don’t overgrow.

Primroses, asters, geums, heucheras, and Japanese anemones are all suitable for dividing, and will also survive the harshest of British winters.

To separate your plants, dig up the clump whilst gently loosening the soil. Using a towel, carefully pull the plant apart, making sure each section has plenty of roots still attached. Then, simply replant these new sections in your garden and water well.

Don’t forget about your garden buildings

The winter months can take their toll on your garden buildings so use this time to check your sheds and greenhouses and make sure they are still in good nick.

A fresh lick of paint and regular ventilation can help your garden buildings and any plants within them to stay healthy.

If you plan to repurpose the outdoor building before winter really kicks in, consider decluttering the space and transforming it to a home gym or home office – both deemed as necessities in this current climate with people remaining indoors for long periods of time.

Let there be light

Installing lights will not only illuminate the space – which is necessary as the nights draw in much earlier – but can add some style and flair to your garden.

External passive infrared sensor (PIR) floodlights work well for property viewings at dusk or after dark. Even when off, solar lights make a pretty addition to the garden and are relatively cheap to buy.

If you have any trees in your garden, you can consider purchasing a few uplighters or fairy lights to create a striking effect and bring more attention to your garden.

By incorporating the above tips, you can maximise the full potential and saleability of your garden space. Of course, you must ensure that your home adheres to the government guidelines on hygiene and social distancing at all times.

Here at Eden Estates, we are dedicated to helping our clients to buy and sell property in a Covid-compliant manner. For more information on our current operations, please contact us today.

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