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There is a lot to love about summer, and when you think about the sunny season, images of picnics, barbecues and trips to the beach will come to mind. That is not all summer is great for, though - it is also an amazing time for landlords to let out their property.

Here at Eden Estates, we are a family-run and experienced letting agent who can help you with letting out your property.

Summer has the highest levels of tenant enquiries

All industries experience slow and peak periods and, in the spring and summer months, that’s when tenant enquires are typically at their peak. July to August is usually when tenant enquiries are at their highest levels, which means you are likely to experience increased tenant demand in the summer.

The rise in demand can lead to more tenant enquiries and property viewings and this can equate to a faster let. The increase in tenant interest in the summer months also gives you more leverage to set a higher rental price which will increase your yield.

Homes and gardens look better in the summer

It’s not just the outside world that looks better in the summer, properties also look their best in the sunshine. In the unforgiving winter months, homes can look dull and dark whilst summer’s natural look can make rooms appear brighter and better. Brighter rooms can also look bigger, and this could make your property more appealing to prospective tenants.

Summer doesn’t only make your properties indoors look better, It also brings out the best in your garden. A well-kept garden can look stunning in the summer, and you can do it up yourself or get a professional to preen it for you.  

Research from Post Office Money shows that landscaping your garden can add 77% to the value of your home. 

With bright blue skies and rays of sunshine (at least some of the time), summer in the UK gives you the perfect scenery to show off your done-up garden.

Summer is great for showing off your property’s outdoor spaces

Letting a property in the summer gives the great outdoors a new meaning, with summer presenting the perfect time to show off your outdoor spaces like terraces and balconies. Tenants who are looking to rent in the summer might place greater interest in your outdoor spaces, as with the warmer weather, they could be spending a lot of time there.

Before viewings, it is a good idea to make sure your property’s outdoor spaces are neat and clean before viewings and show tenants how they  can enjoy the sun at your property. An appealing outdoor space could help you seal the deal on a tenancy.

People want to move quicker in the summer

Summer isn’t just a preferred time for people to move, people also want to move quickly and this means a faster let.

The summer months are an ideal time to facilitate speedy moves.  What would you rather do – lug your belongings around on a snowy, icy, dark day or moving boxes on a warm summer’s day?

The summer weather isn’t the only reason why people want to move into a new property faster, a lot of families want to have settled into a new place before the school term starts in September.

As a landlord, you can use these seasonal circumstances to your advantage and make sure your property is on the market now and ready for viewings. It is also a good idea to make sure your property is ready to be moved in, especially for tenants with families who can be eager to move in before school starts.

If you want to fully realise the potential of your rental home this summer, then you will need an experienced letting agent. Here at Eden Estates, we can help you with the letting of your property.  Book a free valuation with us and we can help you to get the most out of your rental property.

The pandemic has given people new priorities

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has strongly impacted the way we live and because of this drastic change, what tenants are looking for in a property has changed. With the increase of people now working from home, you should ensure your property has a nice home office space and fast broadband.

If you’re planning to let out a property this summer, use the better weather to your advantage to make the office space in your property look larger. Faster broadband will now be more important to tenants as it is likely they’ll be working from home (at least some of the time) and their children could be taught from home again, too, if further lockdowns are reinstated.

Apart from the pandemic changing what people are looking for, it also affects where people are looking to live. More people will be flocking to commuter belt areas such as Kent, which is an area that we cover and know extremely well at Eden Estates.

Rents in commuter belt areas have continued to rise, meaning that you could have more bargaining power when you let out a property in these areas.