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When it comes to the most popular home features, gardens are definitely up there. And as temperatures rise and the evenings last much longer, more people are due to spend their time outdoors.

As a result, south-facing gardens are highly sought-after as they provide additional sunlight and encourage plants and flowers to bloom successfully – an advantage that has long made them a luxury for buyers.

In fact, research by comparison site has revealed just how much extra property sellers could achieve just by having a south-facing garden.

Below, we explore why south-facing gardens are likely to be high on buyers’ priority lists and how they can help sellers to bolster their asking price.

South-facing gardens a must-have for buyers

According to the study, 71% of property homebuyers are more likely to buy a house with a south-facing garden.

The importance of this summer-essential feature was recognised by many, with 42% of respondents willing to pay more for a property with this feature.

When asked how much more they would be willing to pay for a south-facing garden, 71% said they would pay 5% more for the privilege – an extra £12,500 for the current average UK house price of £249,309.

Some 23% claimed they would pay as much as 10% extra – a property price boost of £25,000. Meanwhile, a further 5% said they would be happy to pay 20% or more of the property’s value to secure it.

What if you don’t have a south-facing garden?

Even if your garden or outdoor space isn’t south-facing, it’s still likely to be a popular feature with prospective buyers – especially in the summer months – as more people are prioritising outdoor space than ever before.

The good news is there are benefits to all other orientations of gardens. For instance, while north-facing gardens are usually fairly shady, temperatures will be more consistent.

Meanwhile, east-facing gardens are sunnier in the morning and west-facing gardens enjoy more sunshine in the afternoons and evenings.

There are certainly benefits for each garden-type, and so long as it looks up to scratch, it is highly likely to receive plenty of interest from buyers.

How can you prepare your garden for a property sale?

From the above, it’s evident that the majority of buyers appreciate the benefits of garden and outdoor space.

Therefore, it’s essential that your garden is not only in top condition for virtual and in-person viewings, but also a focal part of your marketing campaign.

This can be achieved by carrying out a range of basic, inexpensive tasks such as de-weeding, clearing garden waste, washing your patio, sprucing up garden furniture, incorporating potted plants and mowing the lawn.

It’s important that your outdoor space’s standout features – such as a BBQ area, water feature, pond or decking – are accentuated as much as possible during viewings.

You may also want to incorporate solar lights to add some flair to your outdoor space – particularly for evening viewings.

To maximise the full potential of your garden space, though, consider hiring a gardener to spruce it up to its fullest potential. Of course, you must adhere to the government guidelines on hygiene and social distancing at all times when tradespeople are in the property.

With the market boost provided by the stamp duty holiday, and spring being an ideal selling season, now presents a great time to put your home on the market.

As an experienced sales agent working in Maidstone and surrounding areas, Eden Estates can help you to get the most from your sale, even in these complicated times. For more information, why not contact us today?

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