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If you are looking to sell your home next year, you’ll no doubt want the best possible price for it and a starting offer that is fair, realistic and in line with the local market.

You can increase the chances of this being so – and selling for your asking price or even above – by making your property as attractive as possible to would-be buyers. Although major projects such as loft conversions or adding an extension can generate big rewards, there are smaller, simpler and (crucially) cheaper things that can be done that can make a real difference to the eventual price of your home.

Here, to help you increase the value of your home without needing to break the bank, we outline some sure-fire ways of growing your home’s value.

A quick lick of paint 

Repainting the walls is one of the most popular DIY jobs – and with good reason. It can be done at very low cost and is something that people can carry out themselves to a decent standard.

Refreshing your walls and carrying out general maintenance can breathe new life into your home. It’s best to stick to modern, neutral colours to ensure it appeals to the widest possible audience. Out-there décor could put people off.

Fast fixes and simple upgrades

Before selling, it’s a good idea to go through your home to note down any small little things that can easily be fixed. These odd jobs are unlikely to be the deciding factor in a sale, but little issues can be seen by viewers and may help to create the wrong impression – that your home is badly maintained.

With this in mind, dealing with problems such as peeling paint, broken tiles, broken lightbulbs, cracks in plaster, torn carpet and dripping taps can help to make all the difference.

Improve the exterior of your home

The exterior of your home – your property’s ‘kerb appeal’ – can play a major role in a sale. It’s likely to be the first thing a prospective buyer sets their eyes on and typically people will make a decision about a home within the first few seconds of seeing it.

To ensure buyers aren’t turning their noses up, it’s crucial that everything is neat, clean and tidy. Simple steps such as mowing the lawn, trimming hedges and clearing pathways can help, while a jetwash of the front of your home may be necessary if it’s looking especially dirty. You may also want to repaint the front of your home if it’s looking tired and improve the general look of the front of your home by placing plants and flowers in strategic places.

Flood your home with light

Granted, this is more difficult in the winter months, when daylight is at much more of a premium, but it’s still crucial to make use of light where you can.

Light can help create the illusion of a space, with it being inevitable that a well-lit property will be more attractive than a dark and dimly lit one. If there is a shortage of natural light, as is the case right now, you can use artificial lighting to your advantage.

Installing LED lights in your front and back gardens and driveway is a cheap and effective way to improve a viewer’s experience at night and also potentially increase the value of your home by making it feel homely and welcoming.

Maintain your garden

A garden is typically a major selling point for buyers, and this has become even more the case since Covid-19 and the desire for green space on the doorstep. It needs to be shown in its best light at all times of the year – there’s no point in letting it get shabby and out of control in the winter, as would-be buyers will want to imagine what it will look like in spring, summer and early autumn.

You should clear away any rubbish and clutter, remove any nuisance weeds, trim the hedges and rake away those pesky remaining autumn leaves to improve the look of your garden. You could also consider planting some flower beds, installing some hanging baskets or putting out potted plants to add a splash of colour to your garden – especially important in the greyer days of winter. 

Fortunately, as people are looking to move in the New Year, the first few weeks of 2022 is an excellent time to put your property on the market. Considering the above measures, you could help to boost the value of your home in just a few small, simple steps, as well as increasing your chances of securing a quick sale. 

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