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Why are new builds the popular choice?
First-time buyers are at a 20 year high which means properties are also in demand. In 2019 and 2020 there were 243,770 new build homes built in the UK. This is the highest number of new homes since the late 80s. So what’s the deal? Why are people choosing new homes over existing builds? With a new build, you’re getting a brand new never-before-lived-in house. This is great for several reasons:

#1 No chain
When buying a house, the dream is not to have a chain. Though that doesn’t happen often with a house move, buying a new build property is going to guarantee you no forward chain. If you are a first-time buyer, you will be in the situation of no chain at all making for a quicker move.

#2 Modern Living
If you are looking to the future, investing in the new technologies of home building is definitely a plus when buying a new build. Not only can a modern layout appeal but some developers will let you have a hand in what features are installed. Whether that’s what kitchen or bathroom suite you have, or if you have a smart house or not. Smart homes are becoming more common with apps to control heating, lighting sound and even security!

#3 Environmental
New homes can also contribute less to climate change. Being built to the latest spec, generally means that the house has better insulation and better, more efficient boilers. Not only is this great for the environment but also great for your pocket too!

#4 Rights for Buyers
New-build houses come with a guarantee. 10 years for big structural problems and 2 years for minor snags. Developers also have to have a process for complaints so it's easier to make someone aware of any problems.

#5 You can make it home
Unlike with an existing property, you can have a hand in more than just the features. Some developers will allow you to have a say in the layout or options for your house. You can get to choose the kitchen, bathroom, paint and carpets which will save you not only time but money when you move in. All these little things can really make your new place feel like home.

#6 Incentives
Some developers will also look at adding things in to get the sale. This can include paying off stamp duty or not charging extra for personalized parts of the build.

#7 Time
From the move-in time to no chain, there is certainly less to plan with a new build. You can unpack and go with a new build without having to renovate or decorate around boxes!