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Whether selling or letting a property, the aim is to create the right impression that will motivate potential tenants and potential buyers to take the next steps.


Staging, the process of modifying the space of a property for a viewing or photographs, has proven to be important during the winter season. Typically, homes are staged to secure a sale quickly and secure a sale at a high price. 


Normally, during this time of year, prospective buyers and tenants hope to move into a property in time for the new year for a new start.


We explore why staging becomes more important than ever over winter and how it can be done effectively.


The right first impressions


When viewing a property, the first part of the home that is likely to be seen is the front garden or, more commonly these days, a driveway. Although people tend to spend less time outdoors as the temperature continues to drop during winter, the garden should be maintained as it contributes to the first impressions of the viewer. 


Research has highlighted the importance of first impressions during the property selling process. Overall, the research demonstrates that a bad first impression can impact a sale. As a result, the exterior must be maintained as much as the interior.


The survey shows that almost one-third (31%) of homebuyers would offer up to 10% less than the asking price on a property that made a negative first impression. This reduction rate is equivalent to around £25,150 of the average house price.


Ensuring that the outside of the property is in order will make it appealing and increase the chances of a positive first impression. 


Higher offers and quicker sales with staging


In a recent report conducted by the National Association of Realtors, the impact of staging properties was analysed. While the report, of course, had an American focus, the results are ones that cross over to the UK as well. 


The NAR’s report uncovered that 23% of agents owe higher prices offered, between 1% and 5%, to home staging. By comparing prices of homes that were staged and similar homes that were not these findings were established.


A property is likely to be the most expensive asset a person will own in their lifetime. As a result, homeowners wishing to get the best price possible should be open to staging to successfully achieve this.  


In addition to the above, 31% of listing agents stated that staging drastically reduced the amount of time a property was listed. During the winter, homeowners and home movers have the festivities and the new year to focus on. Quick sales due to staging can help all parties during this busy time of year.

Seasonal shots


Taking seasonal shots could help improve the attractiveness of a home at this time of the year. Why not include wintry accessories such as a Christmas tree or a cosy throw to create a warm and welcoming environment. 


Listing a property with seasonal images helps prospective buyers to envisage themselves in the property during winter. Christmas trees that are decorated and lit could help depict a cosy environment in time for Christmas, while a fireplace that is lit could depict a winter-friendly home ready to weather the cool climate. 


All rooms should be up to scratch when it comes to staging, but there are certain ones that might take precedence. In the study outlined earlier in the article, the listing agents also set out the rooms that should be prioritised. Living rooms were reported as most important by letting agents, kitchens came in second place and primary bedrooms were the third most important.


At Eden Estates, we can help capture the festive winter season in the images we supply our clients. For more information, please contact us today. 


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